Park McGinty

Contemporary Artist

“The summit of knowledge is wonder.”

~ Goethe

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Park McGinty - Park

"Me! Me!” comes the irresistible cry from a stunningly beautiful object. Compelled, I pick it up, and my fascination launches my next piece. My part is to further exalt this beauty. As I select each additional material, sometimes seemingly incongruous, I look for brilliance that astounds me. In hundreds of choices, I surrender to the dictates of the glory of the materials until, in escalating beauty, imaginative worlds emerge.

When it goes well, I feel powerful as I see something really beautiful evolving.

Then, I start to slow down, staying vigilant so things don't go out of control as I steadily build the intensity. The closer to the end I get with a piece, the more time I spend just looking at it, admiring it, loving it.

At the end, the piece moves beautifully, and yet it is absolutely still. I don't want the piece to be any different.

Negotiating the edge between chaos and the sublime, Park McGinty’s works’ stun us with beauty almost difficult to absorb. Brilliance can be cumulative and cooperative rather than competitive. By using many repurposed materials, he calls us to find beauty in unlikely places. His work inspires us not to play small but rather to shine as carefreely as do his materials.

Special Acknowledgments We are especially grateful to Ed Fabry for his captivating videography and to Deborah Winiarski and Joe Gold for their beautiful photography.